Monday, January 21, 2008


I got my cast off today. The doctor says I'll be clear to do anything in 3 weeks!
My arm is like really small and weak, and my wrist isn't moving too well... :(
oh well

It's alllll goooooood

Sunday, January 13, 2008


There is only 1 thing i have to say concerning this week.....


Sunday, December 9, 2007


I fractured my wrist yesterday. I meant to post this yesterday, but ended up taking a 14hour nap. Yeah......
I can still play horn (sorta)

peace out ppls

Friday, November 30, 2007

By the Way...

Thinking about dropping Chinese after 9th grade. Big disappointment to my mom, but hey, I'm gonna end up hurting someone if I keep having to bottle up my rage like I am. I mean, 4 years of this? I'm not saintly, not by a long shot. My mom's like: you're gonna have to take sunday chinese school again. I'm like: With what time?
I want to do German; talked to friends, and they said the liked the course, actually LEARNED SOMETHING (omgoodness, a shocker, right?). My mom's like, if you do that, make sure you keep a 97 or higher in the class! ummm, I'm no good at languages, I doubt that'll happen...but hey! getting away from the Chinese teacher is gonna be good for both of us.

Joke of the Day

hehehe, school policies can get ironic. I'll steal a quote from my friend about a certain teacher (hmmmm, I wonder who that might be?)

"There isn't a problem with safety in this class, but if she doesn't shut up, there will be!"

Some people may go" OMG WHAT VIOLENCE!" , but for those of us who are suffering, a comment like that now and then merits a smile/laugh.
Ahhh, it's little funnies like this and a lot of sugar that are keeping me alive right now :D

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Italian Dinner

ITALIAN DINNER WAS FRIGGIN AWESOME!!! hehehheheehehehehehe really excited and still on a sugar rush. ok, to explain to some not band ppls (shame!) Italian dinner is like a really cool concert where Robinson, Rice, and Schimelpfenig Middle Schools and JASPER perform, AND IT WAS AWESOME YEAHHHHHHHH! At the end JASPER!!! played our marching band music and IT WAS SUPER FRIGGIN CRAZY AWESOME! GO LACTIC ACID BURNING, ARM CRAMPING GOODNESS!!!!!!!!

hehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehe(hysterical laughing)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

High School Part 6

It's been a while since I've posted about school, but the complaints will keep coming! The teachers are still buttfaces, the school system still sux, and the stress is still there.

You know high school is owning you if you mean to take a 2 hour nap and sleep for 15 hours straight.

Yep, that's exactly what I did yesterday evening to this morning! Some of you may have been wondering why I wasn't on AIM for the normal 5 hours, well, that's your reason!

Friday, October 26, 2007


There are alot of ppls at school getting their GPA freak's alarming. "OMG! MY GPA ISN'T A 4.5! NOOOOO I'M NOT GONNA MAKE AN IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL! MY LIFE IS RUINED!" it's half funny, half depressing.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Root Canals

I have to get 3 root canals. It's pretty bad...Right now i have a hole in 3 teeth for pus to drain out of...feeling kinda weird right now...
atleast tomorrow is the first day off from school since labor day :D

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Last of Marching Band This Year

Man, it's been fun. Marching band ends on Thursday; all that's left is some morning rehearsals, waking up at 4:30 tomorrow for a contest, and skipping school for UIL on Wednesday. I think I'd like to end marching band posts this year with one more: you know you're a band freak if...(for more info and examples of these, read previous posts)

You know you're a band freak if oversleeping means waking up after 6:30A.M.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Teachers part 2

Have you ever had a teacher who was so bad, so out of it, so clueless, un-understanding, and so horrible you just had a hard time believing he/she is a teacher? I have a teacher that perfectly meets these requirements, and then some, and then some more....URRRRGGGGGG she is not suited to be a teacher! A person who speaks English like a 6 year old, who refuses to repeat herself if someone can't understand her (which is a shockingly easy thing to do), a person who tries to dictate (for real, its really bad) the class, who is so paranoid that if you do so much as turn your head in your seat then you will get a "wooorneeeeeng, or detanshuu, or friday skooo". I mean, at first it was funny; I'd never seen a teacher so incompetent. Then, one of the vice principals came to the class to observe us (I personally think the teacher set this up), and since then she's been strutting around with a: screw the rules, I'm a teacher, I can give whatever grade I want and give as many detentions as I feel like giving kind of attitude. Can someone spell problems? With her logic of: you appear to talk, you get a detanshuu, I could inversely say, you appear to act of out place and unfair, you get fired. Hmmmm I wonder how many thousands of times she would have been fired thus far? And then she's like: We neee to priiide eeen our Chneeez porgrum, eet eez gwooing veru queeeckleee. She's saying like she is a good teacher who is causing this massive increase in the number of people who want to take Chinese, like its her awesome teaching skillz that are motivating this success and growth of the "Chneeez porgrum". As for me, because I do have a large Chinese background, I'm doing fairly well in this class (gradewise, not behavior-wise) because I spend hours making sure I do whatever homework she says to do and what she never mentions (she grades both), but there are some not-Chinese people in the class, and she expects so much of them but she is cruel. The other day she was like: Youuuu shuuu noo theeez woh, theeez eeeees aiilamanntory laivl. How can some know it considering they just started learning the language!?!? And for some reason, I seem to think that there should be to some extent a mutual respect existing between teachers and students. For my class its like: we talk and "interrupt (the only one who seems to notice these interruptions is her)", then we get treated like inferiors. We DON'T talk and we behave well, we are still treated like inferiors. FYI to the teacher: If you demand respect then you have to lead by example, not reverse psychology! This teacher needs a reality check.
Oh man it felt good getting this out of my system.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Time is a poophead

Time is a poophead, why?
It doesn't care how sleepy you are when your 4 hours of sleep are up.
It passes too quickly when you're having fun and when you have to finish those last few homework questions before class starts.
It passes too slowly when a boring teacher is giving a boring lecture.
When you want something to happen, time seems to stand absolutely STILL.
In conclusion, time is a poophead

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Orange Soda and Chocolate

omg at this time right now I am witnessing the effects of Orange Fanta and Hershey's Kissables on a friend...I'M SCARED!!!! she is like: saying random words, like FRENCH POLYNESIA! Something she is saying right now:I'm calm, (making random noises), OW, YAY, YEAH, I'm really calm (SQUEAKY NOISES, a random chicken noise!?!?!). Her ringtone is a random lip vibrat-y thing escalalting in pitch...yeah, I know, really weird. She is walking around frantically, and now she is lying down and speaking random jibberish. One thing I must remember in the future: Never let her have orange soda and chocolate...EVER.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


I should probably explain the title. Jasper Band bought new horns, and because I use rental horns from Jasper, I got a new horn!!!!!!!!! yeah yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah!!!! Go Yamaha 668II!!! Go beautiful, shiny new lacquered horns!!!!!.

To be honest I'm scared to touch it. I don't want to make fingerprint marks on it..... :(

Monday, September 17, 2007

Band again

Band is just too ownage to have a mere one post, and also, it's about time I add to the list of classifications for being a band freak.

This is more for horn players than anyone else: You know you're a band freak if the word horny means horn related and does not initially bring up any inappropriate thoughts.

Yeah, this trait was exemplified by me today; I'm just way too weird to fit into normal people society.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Football games in the band (souped up version)

The crowd is yelling and cheering excitedly, they anticipate many great touchdowns scored today. Some crazy diehard fans paint their faces, while others hold up large, colorful posters. People walk around carrying beverages and snacks, and the smell of soda, nachos, and popcorn lingers in the air. The atmosphere is tense, but energetic. The cool night air is refreshing, as are the numerous swarms of crickets falling upon people and their possessions. The mascots fighting each other are hilarious. The band plays happily and the audience applauds as the teams rush onto the field. However, by the time the night is over only one team shall emerge victorious; the other, with depressed and defeated looks on their faces. The teams rest up for halftime, but for the bands halftime is the most important time because of the halftime show. After halftime the action really starts to heat up. There is: random screaming which causes one to almost go deaf, the opposing bands trying to outdo each other, the crazy mellophones dancing, and the unexpected win!?!?. Of course, the day (more like night) wouldn't be complete without having to return home at almost midnight and still have to finish your homework. This is a typical football game night for the committed marching band student.

This was a English imagery essay based off my previous post. I just added a little here and a lot there and had some help from an ownage friend.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Football games in the band

Ahhhh football games. The fresh night air, the crickets falling everywhere, the random yelling, the almost turning deafness, the unexpected win!?!? and the crazy mellophone suicides (you know what those are right?). And of course, it wouldn't be complete without having to return home at almost midnight and still have to finish your homework. Ahhhhh, so refreshing. If I wasn't so poetically challenged (unlike my good friend Deep Breath 101) I'd write a poem about football games, however I am incredibly poetically challenged so I am forced to make a half asleep post about them.

Friday, September 14, 2007

A midget's guide to life part 4

This isn't really about survival...Some of you may be saying: What if you aren't a midget in stature? What does this have to do with anything? I say:I DON'T KNOW, I'M A SLEEPY FRESHMAN WRITING RANDOM STUFF. ANYWAYS ONE OF MY GOOD FRIENDS


Saturday, September 8, 2007

High School Life part 5

THE SECOND WEEK HAS ENDED. YAY 1/18 THROUGH THE SCHOOLYEAR!!! It's a good thing that it was a 4 day week because if it lasted another day I would've fallen asleep in class. I mean, I was falling asleep like 20 times during breakfast by Wednesday! OMG, there was actually one day where I slept for a whole 6 hours!!!!!
And I thought of another way you know High School is owning you. Here goes.
You know high school is owning you if you draw and color Pokemon just to procrastinate doing homework.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Do any of you out there have or had some crazy, weird, or friggin awesome teachers? if so, please comment. As for me hmmm let's see. Firstly my English teacher. sheeee talkss liiiiike weeee're soome liitttlle kiiids whoooooo can't unnderrrrstand anyyyyone speeeeeking at a normal pace. And she's all like, "If you need help, you can ask me, I'm your friend, I'll be there for you. A nice gesture, but sort of creepy, don't you think? I'll post again soon, but IIIIII havvvvve tooooooo gooooo doooo myyy Engliiishhhhh hoomeworrrrk.

Monday, September 3, 2007

A midget's guide to life part 3

Some of you out there may be asking, how would you fare if you were a total middle between tough and nice? Well, I have a good and gullible friend who is just like that. She is constantly teased (more by me than anyone else) and miserable. She is so miserable in fact that she laughs at herself (lol!). And yes, she does get trampled by the giants of society. What we need to learn from her sacrifice is to stand tall(er), midgets of this cruel planet! Stick together, learn from each other to survive in this world!

peace out, fellow shorties.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

High School Life part 4

The first week is over. I SURVIVED!!! YAY (claps and cheers and jumps around and hits a table then lays on the ground like peter griffin going ahhhhh. sssss, aaaaaaahhh, sssss aahhhhhh, ssssss, ahhhhhh).
anyways yay Jasper High School’s infamous first week (not really but i felt like saying that) is over. yay 1/36 through the school year!!! I’m not failing anything yayayay. of course I wouldn’t know because I havent gotten that many assignments back yet, but I don’t think I’m failing. whooopeee! more sleep this weekend!! more homework too but more sleep!! sleeeeeep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz oh right I’m writing a post, sorry about that. I feel like adding to the You Know High School is Owning You list so hear goes.
You know high school is owning you if you have to make up a random blog about it to vent frustration.
post comments if you have ideas about high school or this weird mysterious thing we call life or whatever, its alllll goooood (not really).

This is your number one sleep deprived person, signing out…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Greetings to all the wonderful band freaks out there (or normal yet bemused and alarmed readers). HELLO! I am a lil midget mellophone/french horn player who loves!!!! band!!!! yeah!!!!

You may (but probably aren’t) asking yourself, how does one classify themselves as a band freak? Well I have created and will continue to add onto this list of classifications.
You know you’re a band freak if:
1. While brushing your teeth you start doing the tube of toothpaste exercise (a marching band exercise, but of course you should already know that, right?).
2. While randomly listening to a piece of music (like Rhapsody in Blue) you start singing and fingering your music.
3. (This relates to #2) You suck at singing but sing along loudly and uglily (is that a word?) anyways.
4. You start marching, sliding, or back marching to places (like to your classes in school or to the bus).
5. You periodically yell: I LOVE BAND! or GO HORNS! or I LOVE PRACTICING MUSIC! or something similar.
6. You relate costs of things to your instrument (like: That couch costs as much as a horn!).
7. You say something like: why do I have to spend 30 minutes, watching TV? I could be practicing horn!
8. you want to be a musician when you grow up.
9. You have added your band teacher’s and phone number/ email to your contacts list.
10. You brag about things like: marching band has helped me have a flatter core/better posture/a shoulder muscle I never knew existed!!!

so far this is my list. Please post a comment with your results, I am seeing how I stack up to other people (i should say more normal people, heeheeheeheeheheeehee evil laugh). In case you didn’t know, I exhibit all of the characteristics in this list!!! YEAH!!! GO BAND!!!!!

Friday, August 31, 2007

A midget’s guide to life part 2

yay here’s the second installment to my A midget’s guide to life.
in the first post I mentioned the need to be tough, but I know that there are people in this world that aren’t like that. soooooo without further ado, here’s number two.
2. get on someone’s good side. there are kind people out there that would be terrible at being bold and rough, but are terribly nice and polite. and who can resist the allure of a sweet midget?
The most important thing is DON’T BE TIMID!!! there is a difference between nice and timid, and timid people get walked all over in mainstream society.

High School Life Part 3

I think I should clarify some things.
I am a freshman (FISH!! yes, yes i know) at a very competitive and Azn school. This is day 4, and I am so sleep deprived that I feel like I’m living in third person, nodding off every few minutes, and am humming band music for no reason (oh wait, I do that anyways).
I am in marching band and hopefully will make the basketball team, therefore my day starts at 5:40am. There has not been one day so far that I’ve slept before midnight, and i average about half of the recommended (and impossible to get) 8-9 hours of blessed rest. I am taking 3 honors classes and a course for college credit, along with band (ownage!), chinese, and athletics.

High School Life part 2

hello again, dedicated readers.
this is the second segment of my stories of woe.
i entitle this: You Know High School Is Owning You If….
1. On the third day of school, you work on homework for so long that you could only manage to get 3 hours of sleep.
2. You are a crazy Azn nerdy weirdo, but by day 3 of high school, you are absolutely ecstatic just to be passing.
3. You start saying stupid things to try to lift your morale like: yay I am officially through 1/60 of the school year!!
so far, this is all i could think of, but i will try to keep adding to this list. feel free to comment if you have ideas on the list or crazy experiences or whatever :D

Thursday, August 30, 2007

High School Life

hello, members of the outside world.
allow me to introduce myself.
i am just a random overachieving azn high schooler who has no free time but makes a blog simply for the sake of randomness and unwillingness to start on my homework, which is rather extensive and frightening. if any of you other unfortunate souls called high schoolers out there are reading this post, i’m sure you can relate to my misery. in these next posts i shall start to explain my predicament, or maybe go delirious and say something completely off topic.

A midget's guide to life

How am I still alive? How did I not get trampled over by the giants of this world? You will find these and answers to many other questions shortly.

1. be tough: if you don’t want to get pushed around, build a tough image. Normally people don't view shorties as a threat and thus feel that they can do anything to you. Don’t take crap from anyone, and if you can reach, punch him/her in the nose if he/she teases you. you want to be a person people look down to in fear!

i will add more to this shortly (no pun intended)